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Celtic Harps

All over the world the harp is inmediately recoginsed as a symbol of Ireland. Emblazoned on flags and coinage amongst the countless other representations of Irish art and culture the harp more than any other emblem is widely seen as the badge of the Emerald Isle. By creating these beautifully decorated,hand-crafted ornamental harps Brendan keeps alive a long tradition of celtic wood-craft. Inspired by the works of ancient monks and mordern artists Brendan also pays tribute to the many Irish prisoners of war who during incarceration often created exceptionaly beautifull pieces of celtic craft.

The uniquely Irish harp, or "an clairseach"to give it its correct Gaelic title forms the basis of most of the harps depicted here and when combined with the magical colours from The Book Of Kells and traditional celtic carvings the end result is an exciting adornment in any setting and very often something special that can be passed on to the next generation.


Solid Mahogany Harp Solid Mahogany Harp Solid Mahogany Harp Solid Mahogany Harp

Solid Mahogany Harp

This unique solid mahogany harp stands at 1 metre and is detailed with many hours of dedicated craftmanship.The exceptional quality of the wood carvings depicting indiginious wild-life in the personal style of the craftsman,married with the intricate hand painted celtic designs and patterns from the Book Of Kells makes this wonderfull piece a true work of art.A purpose made table was also designed and created to compliment the harp.This too is adorned with intricate carvings and brought to a highly polished finish


Harp w 55cm x h 100cm x d(at base)25cm Table w 50cm x h 40cm x d 42cm
Price request


Oak Harp Oak Harp Oak Harp

Oak Harp

sculptured from re-claimed solid oak this harp has its own very attractive style and high quality finish.An obvious attention to detail and a dedication to creating first class woodcraft is very apparent in this beautiful piece of art.Inspired by the classic Irish Harp or "An Clarseacht" the design and detail prove this to be a very desirible addition to any setting and sure to become an interesting topic for conversation.


w45cm x h90cm xd25cm


Celtic Harp by Brenad Neeson - Irish Crafts Northern Ireland

Long Kesh Harp

These ornamental harps are classic example of the craft-work created by pow's in Long Kesh and other prisons during the years of conflict in Ireland.Reproduced here to the same high standard and attention to detail these attractive pieces of Celtic woodcraft represent a cultural and historical tradition of creative hand crafted art.


w 30cm x h 55cm x d 20cm


An Clairseacht Beag An Clairseacht Beag An Clairseacht Beag

An Clairseacht Beag

These distinctly Gaelic symbols of Ireland are created from solid hard woods found locally and abroad and chosen for their attractive grains and finishes.Decorated with deep carved celtic knot-work and often incorporating a personal dedication or family crest these hand-crafted harps make a wonderfull and different gift and are a delightfull adornment to any room .


w45cm x h90cm xd25cm


The items shown here are all genuine hand-crafted works by Brendan Neeson. Individual or special requirements can be incorporated into a preferred piece on request.

Contact details:

Brendan Neeson
t: 028 796 333 72
m: 078 95 469 393

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